World Walking Day

Everyone has heard the expression, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But what about a walk a daykeeps the doctor away?

ACDP joins global community of almost 400 member organizations across more than 170 countries together with the city residents of Amazing Port Moresby to celebrate and commemorate “The Association for International Sport for All (TAFISA) – World Walking Day” on 2 October. 

TAFISA is a global movement for Sports For All that strives to raise awareness of the benefits of sports and physical activity. Papua New Guinea is a member of TAFISA through the NCDC Active City Program.

ACDP Director Fazilah Bazari said, “TAFISA World Walking Day aims to create bridges between people from all continents and inspires everyone to have fun being active. It also provides the platform to share and raise awareness about a cause close to our heart and show that we stand together and united to create a better world.”

ACDP joins TAFISA to promote peace and solidarity, bringing participants together to foster harmony and friendship and build bridges between groups, communities and nations through inclusive sports accessible by all.

Over three decades, millions of people from over 170 countries have made a habit of walking together on the first Sunday of October, turning it into World Walking Day.

The Amazing city of Port Moresby has once again united and walked from Sir Hubert Murray to Ela Beach to commemorate World Walking Day with dance performances by the city youths.

Together we can make our city clean, safe, healthy, liveable and truly Amazing for us all.