ACDP Youth Participates in UN consultation

The ACDP reached another key milestone when 20 regular youth were invited to participate in the UN consultation for the New Sustainable Development Framework for PNG. The youths represented three electorates in NCD.

The program gave chance for youths to discuss and contribute to PNG’s development framework. Sessions involved an open dialogue between the consultants and youths. The youths shared their challenges, ideas,and interests for a better development in PNG.

This also gave youths learning experience in the consultation processes, thus enabling them to develop effective verbal communication skills. 

During the opening remarks of workshop, UN Resident Coordinator, Mr Themba Kalua, reminded everyoneof the UN role of providing support to the PNG Government to address different issues.

He mentioned that the data collected in the consultation will help them to create the strategies to help PNG. They have chosen to hear from young people to know their challenges and the potential solutions based on their views.

Also in attendance was UNFPA Country Representative, Ms Marielle Sander.

ACDP provides a safe space for youths to participate in similar discussions and to be part of contributing processes with organizations for the betterment of the country. As change makers, youths are reminded oftheir freedom of speech and the importance of participation in development and decision making.