Volunteers joining Pikinini Pilai

Two teenager volunteers from Duke of Edinburgh global charity have chosen ACDP Pikinini Pilai program to complete their hours of community service in Port Moresby. 

Savana Yip with her sister, Caitlin Yip joined the program on November 10th and will attend every Wednesday to assist in different activities. Specifically, they are assisting the teachers during the yoga, dance and circus classes as well as helping to hand out meals at the end of the program. 

The sisters heard about Pikinini Pilai from a family friend and chose it to complete their community service.

Both volunteers are enthusiastic to learn with the children that join the program. They share a passion to help, learn and gain new experiences.

Savanah is 15 years’ old, has joined PP to try new skills and teach the children how to dance. 

“Growing up in Port Moresby I already knew Tokpisin so just talking with the children and sharing experiences is great” she said. 

Caitlin is 13 years’ old and shares her passion of dancing with almost 20 children.

“What I love about Pikinini Pilai is that dancing is taught and I really love dancing.” She continued by stating, “I also like volunteering for the children.”

“I enjoy helping them learn new things which they can do when they grow up.” She added. 

The sisters have lived in Port Moresby for most of their lives. Their parents are from China, but lived most of their lives in PNG, specifically in Western Highlands, East New Britain and Port Moresby. They refer to Port Moresby as their home. 

Both girls are studying in Australia but are living in Port Moresby with their parents presently. 

The charity that the volunteers are part of, is aimed at empowering young people to strive to complete tasks and goals in various areas of development. It operates in more than 130 countries with more than 8 million young people participated worldwide. 

For more information about the Duke of Edinburgh Program can be found at https://dukeofed.com.au/