Yoga Teacher’s Training and Behavior Change Workshop

Fourteen Yu Yet participants received certificates for Yoga Teacher Training and Behavior Change after a three-day workshop. 

The workshop was held from January 5th -7th and was facilitated by the Active City Development Program for selected youths who attend the program consistently. The aim of the workshop was to broaden and expand their current skills and provide them with additional tools for communication, behavior development and mental awareness.  

Theory as well as practical learning was taught during the workshop. At the end of every lesson the facilitator provided observations of the group’s progress.  

The lesson included, yoga training, practical ways to positively make changes in one’s behavior as well as tools for effective communication. The lessons were a bonus for the youth who attended the lessons since added skills and soft-skill tools adds to their effectiveness in using their already gained skills for continuing to enhance their lives personally, relationally and economically.  

The workshop also paralleled with ACDP’s goals of elevating, empowering and educating young people and aimed at instilling practical, sustainable, life skills. The workshop sought to prepare its participants to enter the workforce as responsible adults with the ability to serve as long-term employees in addition.