“Dignity, Freedom & Justice for All”

NCDC Active City Development Program ended 2022 with our last event on Peace and Reconciliation to commemorate World Human Rights Day. The annual Whitecember Walk with the theme “Dignity, Freedom & Justice for All” took place on Sunday, 11th December 2022, from 5:30am to 8.30am at Ela Beach.

“What is the meaning of Human Rights? It is about being responsible for your thoughts because thoughts become words and words become actions.” educated Ruth Kissam, Board Chair for Advancing PNG Women Leaders Network, in her Awareness Talk.

About 150 city residents from all walks of life clad in peaceful white walked to show solidarity in standing up for human rights because all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. 

In this last Walk for Life event for the year, ACDP Management and Team would like to acknowledge and credit all those who attended today and throughout the year, especially Community Leaders; Julie Ambi – Tokarara, Lina Gerry – Morata, Sarah M – Murray Barracks, Geua K – Joycebay, Joenne Vau – Vadavada, Judy Bomai – Sevese Morea, Kathy Kiage – Kone Mountain, Elizabeth Viviso – Kaugernot and not forgetting all our communities from Amazing Port Moresby.

Vadavada Community Kids also entertained participants.