Induction for NCDC sports instructors and Yoga teachers

ACDP with NCDC sports did a 3 days induction training oriented to ACDP Yoga Teachers and the Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu from the Active Sports in Schools Program with the aim to reinforce the teaching methodology of both programs. 

26 teachers which includes 15 ACDP teachers, 5 Shaolin Wushu Kung Fu Association teachers’ and 6 National Capital District Commission Teachers in Sports were inducted from  August 22nd to 25th.

The teachers’ induction was to clarify to teachers the objective and aim of the Sports in Schools program, the importance of teachers being prepared before teaching in schools and proper ways to present reports and outcomes of their teaching. 

The main objective was to send out prepared teachers who had wide knowledge in health, physical movement, balance in mind-set and physical activities and a proper understanding in teaching methods. 

Trainings from the teacher’s induction include;

Day one introduction of the program, introduction of induction participatory teachers followed by; 

  • Presentation of core values, key pillars, values and principles of ACDP and the incorporation of the Wushu Kunfu values and principles to be incorporated for Sports in Schools Program. 
  • Importance of report writing
  • Teaching towards objectives
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Introduction of lesion plans, objectives and outcomes 
  • Breathing exercise for relaxation and mindfulness
  •  Awareness of the body and body movement. 

Day 2 

  • Practicality of breathing exercise 
  • Practical implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation
  • The implications of Monitoring and Evaluation in teaching and practice

Day 3

  • Monitoring and Evaluations in everyday Practice
  • Recap, Reflection and Revision of Practical Work

Wushu Kunfu association was also given an opportunity to present the teaching method of Martial arts and introduced Kunfu meditation and breathing exercise for balance of mind and body used for martial arts. 

The Teachers Induction ended on a high note with teachers presenting their feedback on what they learnt in 3 days. The Sports in Schools program is currently run in high schools Jubilee, Tokarara, Caritas and has expanded to primary and elementary schools in the NCD.