Yoga in Schools Evaluation presented at Caritas Secondary

Caritas Technical School Exhibition Day held on 21 July, did a showcase of Yoga in Schools Program hosted by ACDP with the students performing and sharing testimonies. Also giving the opportunity to ACDP to present the findings of the Yoga in Schools Evaluation.  

The Active City Development Program Yoga in School Evaluation is based on research and data collected from 250 students from Caritas Grade 7, 9, 11 engaged in the program. The data was collected over a period of 6 months to find out the impact of yoga and compare how it transformed the mental, social well-being, physical well-being and positive behavior of the students before and after participating in the classes.

The highlight of the report was the results of positive change show based on individual student’s answers.  Results included improvement on relaxation, focus and confidence in school and responsibility in managing daily tasks. 

Read the full Active City Yoga in Schools Impact Report HERE

Yoga has been recommended as a great supplement to current physical activities in schools, because it emphasizes individual abilities instead of competition, which is attractive for children, especially those with physical limitations lack of involvement in organized sports.