“Say NO to all forms of violence”

Our annual REDVEMBER Walk and Awareness is back! This year, NCDC Active City Development Program hosted Redvember 2022, with the theme, “Say NO to all forms of violence,” in Port Moresby on Sunday, 27th November 2022, from 5:30am to 8.30am at Ela Beach.

Active City joins the global movement to organise our Annual Redvember Campaign Walk in the 20 days of activism to unite to end violence against women, girls, children and Sorcery AccusationRelated Violence (SARV).

More than 500 city residents from all walks of life clad in bright red traffic light stop t-shirts walked to show solidarity against violence for children, violence for women, etc.

Special mention and credit go to all those who attended; Hon Powes Parkop, Governor for NCD and Hon Michael Marum, Governor for East New Britain; large groups of participants from; PNG Defence Force (PNGDF), PNG Correctional Service Officers, Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) Staff, Sanap Wantaim, NCDC Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee Secretariat, NCDC Staff, Greater Sepiks Social Movements, Magna Carta, and, of course, all our communities from Amazing Port Moresby.

Founder of Active City Development Program, Ms. Fazilah Bazari’s message for Redvember 2022, “I stand to stay strong, I stand for love, I stand for peace, I stand for unity, and I strongly say NO! towards violence against women, children, girls, boys and everyone; nobody deserves violence.” 

Joanna Oala, Officer from UN Women Sanap Wantaim, educated the participants to recognise the types of violence “There are five types of violence, Physical, Emotional, Social, Financial, Sexual.”

Shirley Kupa from Magna Carta, a community-based human rights organization involved in protecting, reporting, and educating awareness of human rights since 2014, has a powerful message, “Violence is a learnt behaviour; let’s unlearn it. We must take action now; we must take responsibility now.”

NCD Governor, Hon Powes Parkop, in closing, reminded all participants of the Goals and Directive Principles of Integral Human Development, “No 1 goal is; Every person to be dynamically involved in the process of freeing himself or herself from any form of domination and oppression; and No 2: Equality and Participation. Every person – man, woman and child have the right to feel safe and free in our country. Peace is our basic right; living in fear, getting beaten up, abused, raped and murdered does not belong here in PNG anymore. Today, in solidarity, we unite that this is not acceptable in PNG.”