Beach Clean-Up for Environmental Sustainability & Community Building

Many communities in Port Moresby live along the coastal areas however the conditions of many of these coasts are in disarray. Cans, plastic bags, leftover food waste and other debris are often discarded into the ocean without regard for its effect on marine life, the health of the ocean or its eventual effect on those who consume the fish caught in these areas. Taking care of our beaches is one step towards protecting our oceans. As a part of the World Environment Day events, the Active City Development Program organized a voluntary beach clean-up at Konebada. 

In partnership with JICA and NCDC Waste Management, UPNG students and communities collected plastic and rubbish along Konebada’s coastline. The purpose of the clean-up was to make the shoreline safer and more enjoyable for everyone. 

Beach clean-ups can become learning opportunities for communities by displaying practical ways that residents can take to protect the planet. Beach clean-ups can also serve as a wakeup call that alerts people as to the amount of waste that humans create on a daily basis. 

Anyone can organize a beach clean-up day. If you have a family or group of friends who are concerned for the environment there is no time like the present to collect trash from the shoreline. It is our wish that organized beach clean-ups and other actions towards environmental sustainability will become the norm in Port Moresby. Through our collective efforts we can help to reduce the effects of littering and pollution in our city.