ACDP Participation in the PNG Contemporary Cultural Music Dance Troupe Competition

With experience comes the confidence to face many more opportunities. This can be said for the ACDP PNG Circus and ACDP Elite Dance team who participated in the PNG Contemporary Culture Music Dance Troupe competition on 3rd November. 

The competition’s objective was to find a contemporary dance troupe that would represent Papua New Guinea in Dubai, United Emirates for ‘the Dubai world Expo 2020’.  The selected dance troupe will participate in the National week in February 2022; a week-long of events and activities that will be staged to celebrate Papua New Guinea as a nation on a global platform.  

The Theme: “Connecting Culture, Creating the Future” led both teams to be creative in their dance choreographies. The subject matter of the choreographies was based on PNG’s transformation from traditional life to modernity both economically and socially. The dances were created by fusing provincial and contemporary dance styles along with elements of musical theatre.  

The ACDP Elite Dance Team was privileged to be listed in the top 5 dance troupes who made it to the finals on 11 November. The ACDP Elite Dance Team placed fourth in the final competition. Even though they did not win, their participation, effort and creativity exuded during the competition is noteworthy.  

ACDP empowered its youths through skills development and supported 23 youths to perform in total. The performers are listed as follows by category: PNG Circus & Acrobats: Gilchris Mara, Talivan Mutana, Tervon Eina, Dominic John, Los Angeles Niu, Junior Kuyo, Nadya Evi, Deslyn Max, Julius Jack, Moi Bala. Elite Dance Team; Graham Evi, Philip Councel, Pius Paul, Denis Kia, Benjamin Kengol, Bradley Lobuna, Hellen Andrew, Agnes Marai, Olivia Benjamin, Stephanie Clement, Jerry Mautaia. 

This experience has expanded the courage and confidence of both ACDP teams on and off of the stage, and has encouraged them to know that they can perform well in any location with consistency and focus. 

The PNGTPA in partnership with the National Cultural Commission (NCC) hosted the PNG Contemporary Cultural Music Dance Troupe Competition for registered local dance troupes to participate.