Yoga in Prison resumes activities

Active City is proud to resume classes at Bomana Prison Juvenile Section. 17 Juveniles are now practicing Yoga and dance when classes resumed on 13 October. 

Yoga in Prison is a regular program of ACDP; however, the classes were suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions. After restrictions were up lifted, permission was granted for ACDP classes to resume at Bomana Prison, abiding to the ‘Nuipla Pasin’ protocols. 

ACDP activities provide a positive health and wellbeing pathway especially for the Juvenile prisoners to have an active, healthy and fit mind and body. ACDP promotes behavior change, improves mindset using the transformative power of sports that unites and brings people together for health and wellbeing. 

ACDP Yoga teacher, Steven Tegeni has been teaching the Juvenile male prisoners. ACDP  have now added dance classes  as well for the juveniles to participate. Our dance teacher Pius taught the prisoners some basic dance steps. 

ACDP’s goal to promote behavior change through a more holistic and innovative approach, one that is action based, participatory, inclusive, accessible and sustainable. The resumption of these classes are totally useful for the juvenile prisoners. They can use all that they have learnt on their own even when classes are not on. Prisoners are taught relaxation techniques, breathing exercises to help calm their nerves and stresses and meditation to help heal their trauma or any negative experiences that they have encountered. 

The Bomana Juvenile section hopes to involve more prisoners in the classes as soon as the 20 only restrictions have been lifted. These classes are for learning, interaction, living a healthy and active lifestyle while serving their prison time. 

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