Include,  Empower, Impact”

Pikinini Pilai was established by the Active City Development Program in 2021 to create a safe space for children to play, interact with others and feel free to express themselves. 

Pikinini Pilai in Tok Pisin (Children Play in English). It is a child development program focused on behavioural change through open and informal learning methods for children aged 6 – 13. It is a holistic program that uplifts children and teaches them the importance of health, hygiene, and nutrition.

Over 100 children attend the Pikinini Pilai program every Monday and Wednesday, doing physical activity, creative movement, concept colouring, team building, fun and games. Children ages 6 to 13 years are welcome to participate every Monday and Wednesday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at SouthSide Fitness Center, Koki. 

On this World Children’s Day, Pikinini Pilai launched its first Pikinini Pilai Booth to promote our children’s program and teachers with some fun games and exercise. 

What can you do?

Cash or kind donations are welcome.

Help us spread the word. When you see a street child begging, send them to the Pikinini Pilai program.

Help us set up a Pikinini Pilai centre near you, and we will send our teachers.

Mostly, help us love and respect all children.

If you wish to be a sponsor, donate or would like a Pikinini Pilai centre near you, please contact us at the below details:


+675 7140 5223




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