Pikini Pilai

Pikinini Pilai is a NEW component of ACDP. It aims to provide a space for children to engage in recreation and play by learning and taking part in physical activities as a way to foster discipline, improve mental well-being and respectful interaction in a safe nurturing environment where they will also learn the importance of health, hygiene and nutrition.

Pikinini Pilai aims to give opportunities mainly to street and out of school children but the program is also open for everyone to attend including children attending school.

Pikinini Pilai Program classes are specifically designed for children. PPP offers different kinds of physical activities giving opportunities for children to develop a sense of belonging in a group and community to generate positive behaviours and attitudes, promote the spirit of friendship and solidarity while gaining self-discipline, trust, respect for others and respect for the environment.

Children practice yoga, dance, kickboxing and circus. Learn about hygiene, health, nutrition, good eating habits and self-discipline. 

The United Nations Special Session on Children in May 2002 as part of promoting healthy lives and providing quality education to children agreed to:

“Promote physical, mental and emotional health among children, including adolescents through play, sports, recreation, artistic and cultural expression”

ACDP is proud to have this new program Pikinini Pilai and be a part of the growing movement in child protection and empowerment. 

When and where

Where: South Side Fitness Center, Koki
When: Monday and Wednesday 3:00pm to 5:00pm
Whom: All children aged 6 to 13 years