20 ACDP youth to help deliver PNG Power Amnesty Program

Twenty (20) youth from the Active City Development Program are now ready to assist PNG Power Limited (PPL) to implement its Amnesty Program in Port Moresby.  

PPL in partnership with the USAID rolled out its Amnesty Program to target non-registered users in the city to be properly connected, and avoid unnecessary penalties and charges by registering during this amnesty period to be on the PNG Power grid. As a strategic part of the PNG Electrification Partnership or USAID-PEP, this Amnesty program is a part of PPL’s Revenue Protection and growth strategy. 

After various strategic meetings of the partners involved, ACDP was chosen to help the Amnesty Program because of its footprint and accomplishments in marginalized communties of Port Moresby where electrical theft has been found to be vibrant. 

20 youths from Port Moresby trained under ACDP’s Youth Empowerment and Transformation Program to develop essential behaviour, mindset and ethical traits to become meaningful contributors to the society. After succesfuly completing the one month training, they attended the Amnesty Workshop where they were equipped with specific knowledge and skills that would enable them to be effective workers during the electrification program. 

In addition to that, youth will be given short term employment opportunities with PPL. This will enable them to earn an income to support themselves and their families. 

“I am so happy that these youth are becoming community champions by helping to contribute to city-wide economic growth while empowering themselves and developing new skillsets through the PNG Electrification Program,” said Founder of ACDP Ms Fazilah Bazari

A Pilot program will begin in Morata settlement were the youth with work with PPL and its partners to get electricity users onto the PNG Power grid, free of penalties, back bills or charges associated. With users being registered on the grid, PPL will be able to assess the right energy use and low voltage issues, which are the contributing factors to power outages experienced in the city anf country. 

The overall goal of the project is to help the PNG government to reach its 2030 goal of providing access to 70% of Papua New Guinea’s population.