Walk for Love – Launching of 2022 WYFL

In the month of love, about 100 city dwellers from Active City Development Program communities in the nation’s capital wore red, signifying love and walked from Casio Circle Gerehu to Kanudi Beach for the launching of the Walk and Yoga for Life.

“Walk for Love; to celebrate friendship and unity in communities”, was the theme for the walk. 

The walk signified love for one’s self, one’s family and their communities in our city. People from seven communities; Morata, 2mile Savaka, Kaugere, Kone, West Papua, Gerehu and 4mile communities joined the walk peacefully observing the covid- 19 protocol. 

Other communities walked in their areas to commemorate the month of love, with celebration to community friendship and unity. 

As part of our ACDP values, our communities have been participating in clean-up events in their communities. The walk brought all the communities together to launch the walk in 2022 and continue to promote healthy and safe living.

The walk was officially launched by the NCD Governor Hon. Powes Parkop. In his speech, he stated the importance of community cooperation in love, friendship and unity. 

He said, “I thank those communities that have took the initiative to join this walk for love and those communities who are walking in their suburbs. 

I want us to look forward for this year to be a better year. To take care of our health, of our work, business, our families and most importantly our communities. 

With love, unity and support we can make things happen. We can make 2022 a better year for our friends, families and communities.” 

He ended his speech with the official launch of the WYFL and encouraged communities to join the 2022 Sunday walks.

Communities are also encouraged to walk in their suburbs for this year, complying to the covid-19 protocols.