First AID training with St John Ambulance for Youth and Trainers

With the ever-changing lifestyles, skills and environment, ACDP upskilled its youths by providing basic First Aid Training through St John Ambulance, Papua New Guinea on the 19 November 2021. 

The training was aimed to prepare ACDP trainers, teachers and participants to act in case of emergency. 

St John Ambulance conducted the training to 30 participants divided in 2 classes. From 8am to 3pm the training covered theoretical and practical first aid information and interaction. The first aid training included: 

  • The Aim of first Aid 
  • What should be done at the scene 
  • DRSABC – Danger, Response, Send for help, Airway Breathing, CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation)  
  • How to perform CPR  
  • How to assist in Child Birth 
  • First aid for Snake bites and drowning

Over the years and through responsible practices there have not been any major incidents at ACDP program, however these added skills teach and equip youths to be responsible citizens by increasing their knowledge of all participants. Through this training the youths have added confidence to perform first aid when and if a situation arises. 

The ACDP team thanked the St John Ambulance trainers for the professional, interactive and informative training and encouraged other organizations to also take up First Aid Basic Training.