Being RAW and Real

April 2021, By Fazilah Bazari
Being RAW and Real

If you want to experience human nature in its realest form, you have to be raw. You have to have the courage to face your demons, call a spade a spade and live fully in the present moment. F**k the past and f**k the future even harder! Pack all traditional stereotypical ancient, useless, not relevant today ideologies and belief systems and bury them in the ground of the present moment. Or while you at it, include your pains, miseries, worries, stress, traumas as well to mix. They make good fertilizers. Then follow these 5 steps to live a full, raw and revealing life and watch you grow.

If you want to be Raw and Real, do this 5 things.

1. Think of the OUTCOME you want
Always have the end in mind. What do you want at the end of it? Then make your decisions based on arriving at that outcome. So if you dream of a hot kinky night with your partner, then do whatever it takes to get there. Keep that outcome in mind always… and take steps towards it. Make every decision count towards the thing you want.
2. Keep it SIMPLE
Remember, if you want to live fully, raw and real, just keep it simple. Wear what you want, say what you feel like saying, deal with the consequences, take responsibility, be honest and apologise when you need to. Just be like a child, simple and humble. Don’t try too hard. Especially trying to be this or that, keeping up with everyone and everything – it’s exhausting. Don’t even try to run away from shit feelings or shut it down. Just feel them in that moment, in it’s simplicity and rawness. Overthinking is just that. Over thinking.
3. Understand to be UNDERSTOOD 
As in, do unto others what you want done to you. Be non-judgemental. If you want your realness to be raw, then allow others the space to be them too. Even though I know sometimes you wonder, why in God’s name would anyone be or do certain things but the only person you can control is yourself. The only person you can change is you.
4. Respect the LAW 
The way to experience rawness is to live as a homogeneous unit of the human family, of the laws that govern peace and order with respect to the weaker amongst us like children or under abled. Respect especially the spiritual rules that binds our being-ness that makes us one. We are all like little pearls bound together to make that human family chain. Do YOU the best you coz if you weaken yourself, the entire chain will break. Don’t break the law…. you CANNOT do whatever the shit you want in prison. But if you are already incarcerated in prison you can still do these 5 things lol ?
5. LOVE fully and deeply
Ah even spelling the word out in CAPS gave me an orgasm. It’s the most amazing feeling. To LOVE, BE LOVED and LOVING. It gives me goosebumps just repeating it. That’s the effect of love. Love deeply…. just fall in love every time and come back to love. It offers a kind of self acceptance that gives you the experience of NOW.  How to come to back to love  – close your eyes, take a deep breath and as you breathe out repeat – I AM LOVE, I AM LOVED and I AM LOVING. Just keep repeating and feel the love ❤


By Fazilah Bazari – Founder ACDP