International Yoga Workshop for ACDP yoga teachers

We were recently grateful to have @roxyailayoga, a Level 1 Yoga Trainer, Papua New Guinean currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, host a 2-day foundational training workshop designed to support and provide an immersive experience to our teachers’ yoga journey.

Teacher Nadya “It was an honour to learn from Roxy; it was an intimate and extremely potent experience. It also helped me refresh all the previous teachings from other yoga teachers.”

Teacher Jomeda “One word – Inspiring. Taking yoga teacher training was a life-changing experience for me. And joining Roxy’s session was one the most incredible awakenings of my spirit, heart and understanding of Yoga.”

Teacher Steven “The session was transformative; much gratitude to ACDP and Roxy.”

Teacher Isaac “The training helped me grow in my yoga path and gave me additional tools to establish myself as a better teacher to my youths. I wish it were a longer session next time.”

Teacher Ahia “I truly believe Yoga has changed my life and helped me grow. Roxy’s positive attitude and upbeat personality give way to the awesome energy during the training!”

Teacher Henry “I have been sincerely moved by the philosophy of the yoga practice I hold so dear. Bringing this ancient wisdom into my daily life has made a world of difference. I feel the training has changed me from the inside out.”

Teacher Dennis “This course challenged me in a way I had never been before. I started out of my comfort zone, but Roxy has facilitated a safe and supportive environment.”

Trainer Ezra “There was a seamless balance between professionalism and intimacy within this training session which made it extremely knowledgeable and holistic.”

Yoga in the Workplace, Gyms or Homes

Good news! ACDP now offers group or private sessions at your Workplace, Gyms or Homes.
Increase your energy levels and productivity and enhance concentration and performance by getting our Yoga Teachers to come to you.

Long-term results of doing yoga:
•      Reduced stress levels and strengthened immune system
•      Lower mental fatigue and improved decision making
•      Enhanced communication skills as your mind becomes more clear
•      Improved morale and work satisfaction
•      Increased physical and mental wellbeing

All our Teachers are well experienced and have First Aid certificates.

For enquiry, please email us at or