Redvember Dance in the Communities

Communities in the nation’s capital said no to violence creatively through dance.  Research by UNISA 2003-2013 has shown that music, song and dance is a powerful means of communication by which people can share emotions, intentions, and meanings even though their spoken languages may be mutually incomprehensible.  

The call to eliminate violence, especially GBV has empowered women in the communities to creatively create public awareness and activism during Redvember.   

ACDP provided the platform for communities to create their own dance to perform during the community awareness and Redvember Walk.  

The purpose of the creative performances was to support of victims of violence. The performances also encouraged and empowered people to speak up against violence.  

The communities chose songs that had messages to end GBV. Further effort was put in when they choreographed their own dance.  Both dance and drama were a part of the creative, activism process. 

For the Redvember dance specifically, 7 communities took part. Those communities were Taurama Barracks, Joyce Bay, Murray Barracks, Pari community, Kaugere Savaka, Koki Wanigela and Kone.  

ACDP continues to empower communities to protect women and children through educational awareness, by promoting creativity and learning through the arts.