Condomize Awareness in partnership with UNFPA

“Love Smart, Play Safe, Stay Safe”

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is getting CONDOMIZED!

Our ACDP Youth were thrilled to be invited by UNFPA to be part of the Condomized Campaign.

Here’s a glimpse of what took place in the two weeks:

–       A week-long Workshop at Taurama Aquatic Centre to get trained in the usage of condoms and how to pervert life-threatening infections and diseases

–       Outreach and Awareness visit to Pari Village, West Papua Community, Rainbow Community and Vadavada to create communities free from #HIV #STIs and #UnintendedPregnancies

–       5-Days intensive training trip to Kokopo East New Britain, including awareness and education at Andersons Supermarket Shop, Main Market and exciting dance and music

Our 12 Youths are now empowered and endorsed Condomized Educators to share about the safe and correct use of condoms. Congrats Team!

Thank you, United Nations Population Fund Papua New Guinea, for the collaboration and for trusting our youth in your campaign!

ACDP Youth and Community Leads – you make us so proud!