Bomana Prison Guitar Presentation

Listening to music and learning to play an instrument can help to reduce anxiety and anger amongst at-risk youths and prisoners. Programs that include both music and physical activity can provide incarcerated individuals with a sense of identity and self-worth which further supports their re-entry into society. 

The Active City Development Program presented the Bomana Prison Juvenile Section with two guitars in August. The use of the two guitars will help to keep the prisoners occupied in a positive manner as well as support their mental and emotional well-being. 

Along with the guitar presentation ACDP continues to teach yoga in Bomana Prison every Tuesday. Dance classes have also been added on some Tuesdays as a way to supplement the yoga classes. On other days of the week when classes are not scheduled the inmates will be able to use the guitars as a rehabilitation tool. Big thanks to Fazilah Bazari, Director and Founder of ACDP, for gifting the guitars to Bomana Prison.