Walk for the Environment

The purpose of the Walk for the Environment was congruent with creating city-wide awareness regarding the need to protect our earth.  The walk was hosted by ACDP together with the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) and was joined by staff and managers from the Climate Change Development Authority, United Nations PNG, PNG Sports Foundation, the Red Cross, Steamships and Deloitte. All walked together with the communities from Port Moresby to Ela Beach.

The current state of the environment due to global human actions is of cause for great concern. Pollution, litter, chemical waste, deforestation and other unsustainable actions, oftentimes in the name of development and industrial progress are depleting the earth’s finite resources. ACDP often organizes walks through Walk and Yoga for Life to create awareness on a particular issue that needs to be highlighted so that collective mindsets can begin to become aware of sustainable alternatives. 

The Walk commenced at 5:00am where walkers gathered at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium and proceeded to Ela Beach. 

Once at Ela Beach, remarks were given by UNWomen country representative Mr Themba Kalua and Mr Vagi Rei, Manager Marine Conservation areas from CEPA. Governor for NCD, Hon. Powes Parkop gave the closing remarks. Once the Governor finished his remarks and the event drew to a close the walkers proceeded to Konebada to commence the beach clean-up. 

ACDP recognizes that organizing walking events for city residents helps to increase health, wellness and community cohesiveness. In addition to this, newspapers, television stations and social media personnel all played their part in helping to spread the word regarding the purpose of the walk and the need for people in Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea as a whole to engage in sustainable actions for the health of the environment.