GBV Awareness in the Communities

ACDP took lead in the global campaign to end Gender Based Violence and visited 6 communities in the nation’s capital in partnership with the National Capital District Commission Family Sexual Violence Action Committee Secretariat, the Human Rights Defenders and Child Fund to create awareness on this issue. The communities visited were Kone, Joyce Bay, Morata 1, Sevese Morea, Morata 1 Delta and Taurama Barracks. 

GBV in Papua New Guinea has been a norm especially for many people living in the urban informal settlements of Port Moresby. Research by Development Policy PNG & World Bank Data suggests that about 59% of women aged 15-49 years have experienced physical or sexual violence in PNG

The ACDP GBV community awareness began on 9th November and ended on 30th November.  It was held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 pm to 4 pm. The program consisted of community clean-up before and after awareness, registration of ACDP members, GBV awareness, one-on-one interaction with question and answer sessions between the facilitators and the communities, dance and exercises for fitness and healthy snack to share among the participants.

The GBV awareness included service providers giving information on; 

  • First contact persons to seek help from, including contact information when violence is experienced and witnessed. 
  • Referral pathways people can use to get help. 
  • GBV prevention measures to protect people in the communities and ways to avoid violence.  
  • Communities were taught healing and breathing techniques if they experienced violence, a way of therapy.  

Communities were told they can call toll free counselling services, ’Wan Tok Kaunselin Lain 7150 8000’ to seek help, advice or any necessary guidance in regard to violence. During the awareness Child Fund and NCDC Family Sexual Violence Action Committee Secretariat  gave out brochures and pamphlets, highlighting information on Family Sexual Violence and GBV during the time of Covid. The brochures included contact information for Wan Tok Kaunselin, FSVU and Hospitals that will provide servicers. 

During the awareness a survey was done to collect detailed information on GBV from the communities. The data results will be compiled in a report that will be authored by ACDP.  While the report is still being compiled, a couple of the noteworthy findings so far that provide a glimpse into the grim realities of GBV in Port Moresby show that approximately 90% of the participants in the survey reported witnessing violence daily in their communities. Others noted that they observe violence to some degree in their communities several times per week.  

The Survey will also be published so that it can be used by Government agencies and any other people of the GBV situation in the communities. 

One observable success of the GBV Awareness Program was seen by the multiple requests from communities for ACDP to return for continued awareness and education on similar issues. A second observable success was displayed in the acknowledgement that ACDP received severally for its consistent community service. 

ACDP will continue community awareness on Human Rights in the month of December.

1 tok Kausilim line: 7150800