Effective Communication Workshop with the ACDP Teachers

The Effective Communication Workshop took place in August in order to prepare the ACDP teachers and leaders to teach the content during UYEP Phase II which is aimed to commence in October of this year. Previously in July the entire ACDP team met to take part in the Effective Communication Workshop which was the precursor to the August workshop. Fazilah Bazari lead the workshop in July to further equip the managers so that they would be familiar with the content before teaching it to the rest of the Yu Yet teachers during the upcoming Effective Communication Workshop in August. 

The Effective Communication Workshop had a total of 11 attendees. In this two-day workshop, the participants learned practical ways to effectively communicate and build rapport with others. The Effective Communication Workshop served as professional development for the attendees. By attending the workshop, the participants were able to learn, apply and teach the new content. The facilitators supported the teachers and leaders on their way through this learning journey.

 The workshop will be held again closer to the UYEP Phase II commencement date. In the meantime, the ACDP team now have a larger group of teachers who are better equipped to communicate effectively and who will also be able to teach practical communication skills to other youths.