World No Tobacco Day ACDP Flash Mob

The Active City Development Program team showed up in seven different locations and performed a flash mob around the city in honour of World No Tobacco Day on May 31st 2022. Crowds in Gordon’s Market, Tabari Place, Waigani Central, Vision City, Eliseo Rainbow, Eliseo Waigani and Ela Beach were surprised to see 30 youths perform unexpectedly at their locations with messaging that encouraged people to live healthy, active and tobacco-free lives. The flash mob was comprised of both dance and circus elements. 

The Active City Development Program is known for creating awareness on health and social issues through its events and community activities. The flash mob was another modality to help to continue the conversation surrounding tobacco use and its detrimental effects on people and the environment as well as encouraging onlookers to be fit, safe, healthy and active through the performance demonstration.  

A flash mob is a performance art piece that is done by a group of people who assemble suddenly and without notice in a public area, perform for a short period of time and then quickly disperse. A flash mob is typically performed for entertainment, artistic expression or to help to raise public awareness on a particular issue. 

The performance brought a spirit of happiness, pleasant surprise and unification in populated areas that might have otherwise be mundane on a given day of the week.