Pinktober Walk

Abiding strictly with the COVID ‘nuipla pasin’ protocols a small group of 20 people from communities wore pink, held informative cancer prevention banners and participated in the Pinktober Walk from Sir Hubert Murray Stadium to Ela Beach on Sunday morning, 24 October. 

Communities from Koki, 2mile, Vadavada, Kaugere, Joyce Bay, West Papua Community and Gerehu joined the walk with the Governor for the National Capital District Hon. Powes Parkop and the PNG Cancer Foundation to commemorate Pinktober month dedicated to Cancer awareness all over the world.

At Ela Beach an awareness session was held by the PNG Cancer Foundation providing information to the city residents at Ela Beach on Sunday morning and was livestreamed on Active City Development Program Facebook page for a wider audience.

Hon. Powes Parkop, acknowledged all the communities that have joined the walk and mentioned the importance of having a healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses and disease. 

Governor Parkop spoke on the need to live healthy, active lives to help avoid many of the lifestyle diseases that occur because of poor diet and sedentary behaviour.

He concluded his speech with acknowledging ACDP’s work, “We must all thank Active city, they have given us the means to practice healthy lifestyle, practice good diet, practice good hygiene, keep yourself fit and healthy all the time. We have to look after ourselves and that is why we walk every morning. “

“Your health is your wealth, to prevent cancer is in your hands, to have a good long life is in your hands.”  The Pinktober walk, marked the culmination of the Pinktober awareness activities that have taken place across Port Moresby this month. The highlight of Pinktober in the nation’s capital is the community awareness that took place in 8 communities where ACDP runs their programs and activities. This was done in partnership with the PNG Cancer Foundation. Their health educators did educational cancer health awareness, how to self-check, get treatment and how to prevent cancer.