Redvember Walk

The Redvember Walk and Awareness which emphasized GBV prevention was held on 21st November. In groups of no more than 20 people, communities walked from Sir Hubert Murray Stadium to Ela Beach. This activity paired with the sixteen days of activism to stop GBV.  The Redvember Walk was also the apex of ACDP’s GBV Community Awareness Program. 

In the world, 70% of women suffer from some sort of physical and sexual violence.  Globally, the month of November is dedicated to ending gender-based violence.  In Port Moresby it is specifically called ‘Redvember’ as a slogan of activism and a call to end GBV.  

Continuing to abide by the COVID ‘nuipla pasin’ protocols; small groups of 20 people from 7 communities participated in the Redvember Walk to show solidarity and support to victims of GBV. 7 communities participated in the Redvember Walk. The communities that participated were Koki Wanigela, 2mile Fanima Youths, 2mile Ward 3A community, Kaugere, Morata 1, Konebada and the Kone community. These communities joined the walk, wore red t-shirts and held banners to end violence for public awareness. 

Other communities were encouraged to wear read and walk in their own communities. Communities that participated in the walk were; Murray Barracks, Taurama Barracks, Joyce Bay, Morata 1, Letame Morata Delta Community. 

During the public awareness, all communities that joined were encouraged to create dance, songs and dramatic performances with messages to end GBV for public awareness starting in their communities. The goal of using the arts as a tool for social change in communities is with the hopes that eventually awareness would spread to the nation’s capital and leaders and policy makers would see the urgency to end GBV in Port Moresby and in PNG as a whole.  

The Redvember Walk and Awareness ended with keynote speeches from the NCDC Family Sexual Violence Action Committee Secretariat and the Governor for NCD Hon. Powes Parkop, who encouraged everyone to support the move to eliminate GBV. 

Governor, Parkop emphasized on building a strong nation by ending GBV and called on the listeners to stand together and join the move to end GBV.

Hon. Parkop said, “Violence against women and girls continues to be a big problem in our communities, in NCD and in our country. GBV is a behavior problem, and we can only end it by changing individual behavior. It is important that we join the campaign to end violence for the good of our nation. “

After his heartfelt speech he then thanked the communities and ACDP for the programs and outreach done in various urban informal settlements in NCD that have highlighted some of the pressing issues that affect the nation’s growth socially and economically.