A Call for Action on International Women’s Day 

“For any country to progress, women must be given a chance to lead because women can move the city and the country.” 

Ms Fazilah Bazari, Director and Founder of the Active City Development Program made a vocal call for action in support of more than 400 women from communities who were in attendance at Ela Beach on the 8th of March, 2022 for International Women’s Day.  

Women gathered in large numbers while adhering to covid-19 precautions to support the call for gender inclusion and representation in Port Moresby. 

“Women can stand together alongside men to build a nation. We want to stand tall and [we want] our voices heard. When we empower a woman, we empower a nation.”  

She emphasized the importance of women to unite for a better tomorrow. “We need women to come together and support each other. When we bring a woman down, we bring all women down. We call for action in equality and unity,” she stated. 

In addition to the Active City Development Program, numerous organizations, including UN agencies, the private sector, NGOs and women’s groups participated in this event. All of the speakers applauded women in the nation’s capital for being the cornerstone of society. Many of the organizations also displayed information booths and SME stalls. 

This International Women’s Day event addressed key issues on; women’s economic empowerment, the impact of climate change on women as well as identifying the progress and challenges regarding educating the public on the effects of gender-based violence. It also provided a platform for women to share experiences and discuss options toward workable solutions.

Information is vital in order for women and girls to become active contributors to society. It is imperative that platforms are provided in every societal sphere that are free of bias and accessible to all women so that women’s representation becomes populous in every nation.