Trails & Challenges 

by Fazilah Bazari

Being afraid of them is the wrong way to live this great life.
Because trials define and solidify our core character and personality. It also adds to the betterment of our lives.
Extra ordinary trials are served to extra ordinary people. Great trials are served to great people. Ordinary trials are served to ordinary people. And there are no trials that are served to the non-existent people. Non-existent people are dead people. Dead people have no trials to talk about. So as long as you are alive, welcome trails and tribulations because they are part of what our life.
In 2016, I was cyber-bullied through fake news by some jealous people. They created some misleading stories about me, especially about me being a women, a foreigner, a Yoga teacher and getting financial support from provincial government for the work I was doing.
It was a pretty horrible thing to go through, it messed up my confidence and threw everything I knew about seeing the good and God in people.
I am conscientious about my work and I held integrity as my trademark. So when people were blatantly saying all the fake things about me, it was pretty shocking and traumatising.
Fast forward today 2021, I realised, life was testing me to see if I can handle greater bigger challenges. I realised that those trials and challenges were nothing compared to what others went through. Also I was told that God would not befall onto you nothing you can’t handle.
Looking back I must say, I have grown so much (especially thick skin), became so famous and so much more compassionate to others going through the same. Also I realise, you can’t convince stupids. At first you care so much and you want to respond and justify then after sometime, you stop caring about what others say or think about you coz what they are saying is about them and not about you or me.
Trials helped me rise above the fray, cut ties with fake people and today I am way more healthier and wiser. Friends, families, my yoga and being surrounded by a loving non-judging community helped too.
Don’t let trials faze and daze you. Be open for those extra ordinary trials.
Are you going through any trials or challenges in your life? Do you need help? Feel free to reach out to someone if only just to talk. If you want to share, I will surely respond.
Thank you and your welcome ?
By Fazilah Bazari