Our Planet, Our Health: A Look Back at World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated annually on the 7th of April with each year drawing attention to specific health topics of concern for people in their respective countries and communities. ACDP and its partners joined the global campaign in partnership with the National Department of Health and the World Health Organization to raise public awareness during this event.  

The purpose of the walk was to bring various partners, agencies and organizations together to promote health and fitness through walking. The World Health Day walk also served the purpose of bringing attention to the importance of individual health, including the promotion of services and solutions for city residents. 

The theme for World Health Day for 2022 was, “Our Planet, Our Health.” The theme focused on bringing global attention to climate actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy in order to create societies that are focused on well-being. The climate crisis is the biggest threat to human beings. By taking care of our planet we are also taking care of our health. 

Ms. Fazilah Bazari, Founder and Director of the Active City Program gave welcome remarks and urged those in attendance to continue to exercise and move their bodies for physical health. “Preventative health is the most honorable job that we all can do” she stated. 

The World Health Organization Country Representative, Dr. Sevil Huseynova also gave her remarks following Ms. Bazari. She spoke about climate change and the effect that it can have on our health. 

The Deputy Secretary for Public Health, Mr. Ken Wai was the keynote speaker during the World Health Day event. In his speech he stated, “Climate and environment play a pivotal role to keep people and the world safe.” “As a country we are faced with many challenges but we need to commit to protecting our environment as our life and way of living is linked to planet earth.” 

Other partners during the World Health Day event were Dr. Steven Bogosia, who represented the PNG Kidney Foundation. Dr. Bogosia is also the Senior Physician at both PMGH and PNGKF. He encouraged everyone to eat garden food and drink water rather than processed food. Wilma Tasman, the Community Mobilizer for NCD PHA encouraged the listeners to get vaccinated in order to protect themselves and their loved ones from contracting covid-19.   

Our NCD Governor, Hon. Powes Parkop gave the closing remarks during the program. The honorable governor thanked all of the dignitaries, partners, organizations and communities for attending the event.  He encouraged everyone to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and encouraged the country leaders to take the lead in being an example of healthy living. “You and I must take responsibility for our own health” he stated. 

Other organizations that attended the World Health Day event were The NCD Provincial Health Authority, FHI360, UN Women Sanap Wantaim, Kina Bank and Queenspads. Several of the organizations had booths set up for people to learn more about the health-related services that they offer to the Port Moresby community. 

ACDP remains committed to the goal of making Port Moresby a healthy, fit and active city.