ACDP YuYet Training for Boroko Youth

In the past week, forty-five youths between the ages of 18-48 from Boroko completed a five-day youth empowerment and transformation training at City Hall under the Active City Program. 

The youths were given their completion certificates and were deployed to Boroko CBD as part of the Boroko Precinct Transformation initiative of Governor NCD, Powes Parkop and the National Capital District Commission. 

The NCDC provided employment opportunities for these youths who were tasked with keeping Boroko clean and safe by maintaining cleanliness and monitoring the movement of people in the Boroko CBD. 

The youths were each given an ID card and had a BSP Bank account opened for them to receive their wages. 

The youths expressed their excitement and willingness to work with NCDC to ensure the Boroko Precinct is clean and safe for everyone. The youth were deployed onto the streets of Boroko CBD and could be identified by their vests, uniforms and IDs.