ACDP PNG Circus at the Harbourside Night Markets

The ACDP PNG Circus performances continue to grow in popularity in Port Moresby. Beyond the entertainment value, there is a more essential reason as to why the youths are encouraged to perform. Performances provide Port Moresby’s youth with the opportunity to showcase what they have learned through ACDP’s training. It is such a powerful tool for developing trust for oneself and others and helps to develop and strengthen values such as solidarity, empathy, listening and respect. Performance opportunities also help the participants to consider themselves as needed and active members of the collective and through this, community awareness can blossom into positive, community action.   

The ACDP PNG Circus captivated the audience at the Harbourside Night Market, connecting with the children, youth and adults who attended that night. It was a high-level show which displayed amazing, circus skills.

During the show children surrounded the performers and closely followed their every move with bright eyes and wide smiles. The performance received positive feedback from the attendees and on social media. 

Underneath the twinkling, evening, ambiance and the cool, ocean breeze, amidst shoppers and artisans, the ACDP PNG Circus enhanced the event by providing an artistic touch to the bustling Harbourside Night Markets.

ACDP continues to create opportunities for its youth to become empowered, employable and uplifted through regular performance opportunities.