World Environment Day

ACDP, in partnership with Amazing Port Moresby, UNDP, NCDC, Nature Park and others are creating a plethora of programs that will foster environmental awareness between May 30, 2021-June 10, 2021. We hope that you will also join us in these exciting activities. 

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th every year, and is the United Nations’ principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The theme for this year’s World Environment Day is ‘ecosystem restoration.’ The theme calls for each of us to take responsibility for our relationship to our environment.

In June we can look forward to environmental awareness that schools can engage in through poetry, song, tree planting as well as ocean awareness campaigns. The PNG Circus and dancers are scheduled to perform and community walks and dances that speak to themes such as ‘heal the earth’ and ‘respect nature’ will be in full effect. These will be fun, creative and memorable activities regarding our need to protect the forests and sea.

Participants and observers can look forward to being challenged to consider new ways of interacting with our environment. We will also host a coastal community cleanup.

We hope that the events scheduled for World Environment Day will have far-reaching, positive effects beyond the actual ‘day’ itself. We are active partners in the health and stability of the ecosystem and we believe that the events scheduled throughout June for World Environment Day will provide a clear image of that. Let’s work together to restore balance in our ecosystem.