Behaviour Change & Communication Workshop with Sanap Wantaim 

There are so many issues that the youth in Port Moresby face on a daily basis such as mental health challenges, gender-based violence, gambling and harassment. Oftentimes long-term trauma is the result along with behaviour issues and addictions. 

Imagine being provided a safe space to discuss these topics while surrounded by caring and well-equipped teachers and trainers. Now imagine leaving the workshop feeling empowered and expectant towards when the next workshop will take place. This is exactly what happened through ACDP in partnership with Sanap Wantaim last month. 

ACDP hosted a Behaviour Change & Communication Workshop at South Side Fitness Center. The workshop was purposed to create awareness on ways to live positively in society. The workshop pedagogy was delivered through role-play, creative presentations, group activities and games where youth represented scenes of their daily lives to aboard the topic. Sanap Wantaim lead the workshop. The youth enjoyed the activities with the team and requested that they return to continue hosting workshops at South Side Fitness Center. The Sanap Wantaim team will be joining ACDP every other week to conduct awareness on various topics as additional support for the ACDP youths on their path to healing and wholeness.