ACDP PNG CIRCUS Yacht Club Performance

The Active City Development PNG Circus performed at the Royal Yacht Club on May 28, 2022. The performance took place during the Royal Papua New Guinea Yacht Club’s Commodore Annual Cocktail. This is the second time that the PNG Circus were called to perform at this event, for this occasion the team created a Pacific-themed performance that included circus, a fire show and a pacific dance. 

In keeping with the theme traditionally inspired dance costumes were prepared. The costumes looked beautiful onstage and enhanced the already-polished performance that was well received with applause and smiles from the audience.  At the beginning of the cocktail several of the performers lined the reception area and welcomed the guests as they arrived for the event. 

The Active City Development Program aims to empower Port Moresby Youth through non-competitive sports activities and trainings. The training selections that are available to the youths through ACDP are kickboxing, dance, circus, martial arts and yoga. The PNG Circus is one such training component where the youth who are consistent in attending the circus trainings can upgrade their skills so to the point where they are equipped to perform during various events throughout the year. The youths are paid for participating in shows and are encouraged to open a bank account to be able to save the money that they earn. 

ACDP equips youths to be employable, upstanding citizens who understand the value of hard work and consistent training. As the youths continue to learn and perform they are able to support themselves and their families in a positive way as ‘Youths of Change.’