ACDP Pikinini Pilai Program (PPP) Mid Term Review (MTR) Presentation

To strengthen the PPP, ACDP engaged an external consultant to conduct the mid-term review to determine whether PPP was meeting its program goals and objectives. 

An MTR was conducted on the Program after a year and a half of the implementation schedule (January 2021- May 2022). Independent consultant, Ms. Shirley Kaupa at the South Side Fitness Centre presented the presentation on the report findings and recommendations. 

Guests included Governor for NCD, Hon. Powes Parkop, Member for Moresby North-East, Hon. John Kaupa, Member for North-West, Hon. Lohia Boe Samuel, Child Welfare Officer, Simon Yiannis, Organizational Partners, NCDC division, organizational representatives, friends and family of children attending PPP. Once the presentation was done, the MTR was officially declared accessible to the public by Hon. Parkop. 

The report was distributed, and time was given for a discussion session. 

The MTR serves two immediate purposes: decision-making and taking stock of initial lessons from experience. PPP is a capacity development project created in 2021 to involve unfortunate children, especially those who roam the streets and live in urban settlements in the nation’s capital between the ages of 6-12. 

The MTR determined the Program’s aims to develop the abilities of individuals and institutions, individually and collectively, to carry out development tasks.

The PPP mid-term review gives a clear scope into the following necessary information: 

•        How it aids children’s development, especially in early childhood learning

•        How it impacts young lives contributing to positive changes

•        Next steps to improve the Program for the benefit of more children attending the Program 

•        Needed improvement if assistance is provided by other organizations, government, or NGOs 

•        Plans to expand the PPP

During the presentation, founder and director of the Active City Development Program, Ms. Fazilah Bazari, thanked the Pikinini Pilai trainers, who were once ACDP students, for their tireless effort and dedication to training children that attend the PPP every afternoon. “Through this report, we will strive for continuous improvement and growth of the Program. Especially to increase the number of children joining each day. We hope to expand the Program to other suburbs in NCD.” she added.

Hon. Powes and Hon. Kaupa proposed to support the Program, while Hon. Lohia B Samuel offered to provide Land for another Centre to cater to more children joining the Program. Child Welfare Officer in support said the PPP is taking the responsibility and duty of organizations, and therefore, he applauded the work of the ACDP.

For more information on the Pikinini Pilai Program and to excess the MTR click on this link