ACDP performances at the NCD SME Expo

ACDP performers did a variety of performances of dancing, kickboxing, yoga, acrobatics and circus. Supporting the NCD SME fair by providing entertainment and beneficial information of ACDP activities.

More than 1000 audiences watched ACDP youths perform on stage. The audience also participated in the Dance, Yoga and Kickboxing classes led by the youth and were invited to join ACDP weekly classes at the South Side Fitness Centre for free, to learn any of the performances they have seen on stage, practice yoga with its health and well-being benefits and kickboxing with a high demand from audience to learn self-defense especially for females. 

The dance group was the SME fair favorite as it drew crowd toward the stage with active dance moves making the event participative for everyone to have fun and enjoy the day.

ACDP performers act as ambassadors of change in NCD. The performers promote youths taking part in ACDP activities, who can change their mind set and life towards contributing to a better, safe and healthy Nation’s capital.